Warum Fake Uhren dem Markt schaden

Why fake watches hurt the market

We as "Munichwristbusters" have made it our task to take action against fake watches and their wearers.

Since we get a lot of questions about what is so bad about counterfeit products, we will quote a few quotes from the article on the site: https://www.urheberrecht.de/produktpiraterie/.

- " The annual damage caused by brand and product piracy is estimated at 56 billion euros for German companies alone "

- These locations enable the product pirates to make particularly high profits , because there are generally fewer requirements in terms of labor and environmental law. In addition, the labor costs are often significantly lower than at the production sites of the original goods.

- Counterfeit branded goods harms the economy , because product pirates pay for themselves no business risk and also have to no development costs carry new products. Instead, they unlawfully use someone else's ideas and build them Goods in inferior quality after.

- A trademark or patent infringement can thus significant loss of sales mean for the product developer and manufacturer. In addition to this, bad plagiarism can also contribute to Damage to the entire brand lead and possibly even the threaten the existence of a company .

- A counterfeit product can, however, also harbor dangers for you as a consumer : There is a possibility that toxic vapors will escape from inferior colors and materials , which can damage your health in the long term!

This is only a small part of the negative consequences that counterfeit products bring with them. If, for example, a "fake Rolex" is sold here in Germany for around €100, but it has been transported across several countries and it is still commercially worthwhile for the manufacturer, it can be assumed that the working conditions in the manufacturing process were not exactly rosy .

We hope that our work will open people's eyes! You don't need a Rolex to be accepted anywhere or to belong.

Even if influencers, rappers and co. set an example... all that glitters is not gold.

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